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Ошибки, исправленные во FrameMaker 5.1.x для MS-Windows:

Ошибка Описание
98242 Pair Kerning not working properly
99357 MS Word import filter adds comma to index entries
99832 Character display does not match character print
100419 Crash when opening file with missing referenced graphics
101610 Some WMF graphics displaying as a gray box

Ошибки, исправленные во FrameMaker 5.1.x для платформы Macintosh:

Ошибка Описание
99337 Photoshop TIFF saved with Thumbnail preview displays distorted when imported into FrameMaker
100418 Book files which contain all landscape pages print the first file properly, but all other files print in portrait orientation
100956 Grayscale EPSF graphics which contain black and no other colors display in cyan
101311 WordCount is grayed out (unavailable) even when the WordCount Module is properly installed
104031 Imported TIFF images that are rotated in FrameMaker will display distorted and/or in the wrong orientation when the screen is refreshed

Ошибки, исправленные во FrameMaker 5.1.x для платформы UNIX:

Ошибка Описание
98731 Crash when updating character formats used in paragraph autonumbering
99692 Crash when viewing or printing a page with a polyline
100765 Can't use middle mouse button to add a reshape handle to a graphics line

Ошибки, найденные и исправленные во FrameMaker 5.1.x на всех платформах:

Ошибка Описание
98754 MS Word import filter doesn't bring over all index markers
99107 Opening MIF file creates extra blank pages
99520 FrameMaker crashing when generating a book file
100173 Grayscale TIFFs embedded in EPS with other CMYK objects not separating properly upon print
102807 Unable to select graphics inside anchored frame set to top of column when sideheads turned on
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