Иллюстрированный самоучитель по MatLab

Примеры, вызываемые из командной строки. Вызов списка демонстрационных примеров.


graf2d 2D Plots: Demonstrate XY plots in MATLAB.
graf2d2 3D Plots: Demonstrate XYZ plots in MATLAB.
Grafcplx Demonstrate complex function plots in MATLAB.
Lorenz Plot the orbit around the Lorenz chaotic attractor.
Imageext Image colormaps: changing and rotating colormaps.
Xpklein Klein bottle demo.
Vibes Vibration movie: Vibrating L-shaped membrane.
Xpsound Visualizing sound: Demonstrate MATLAB 's sound capability.
Imagederno Demonstrate MATLAB 's image capability.
Penny Several views of the penny data.
Earthmap View Earth's topography.
Xfourier Graphic demo of Fourier series expansion.
Colormenu Select color map.
Cplxdemo Maps of functions of a complex variable.
Xplang Introduction to the MATLAB language.
Hndlgraf Demonstrate Handle Graphics for line plots.
grafSd Demonstrate Handle Graphics for surface plots.
Hndlaxis Demonstrate Handle Graphics for axes.
MATLAB/Differential equations.
Odedemo Demo for the MATLAB Differential Equation solvers.
odeexamples Browse the MATLAB ODE/DAE/BVP/PDE examples.
Ballode Demo of a bouncing ball.
Brussode Stiff problem modelling a chemical reaction (Brusselator).
burgersode Burger's equation solved using a moving mesh technique.
fem1ode Stiff problem with a time-dependent mass matrix.
fem2ode Stiff problem with a constant mass matrix.
hblode Stiff problem 1 of Hindmarsh and Byrne.
Orbitode Restricted three body problem.
Rigidode Euler equations of a rigid body without external forces.
Vdpode Parameterizable van der Pol equation (stiff for large mu).
hbldae Stiff DAE from a conservation law.
ampldae Stiff OAE from an electrical circuit.
Twobvp BVP that has exactly two solutions.
mat4bvp Find the fourth eigenvalue of the Mathieu's equation.
Shockbvp The solution has a shock layer near x = 0.
pdex1 Example 1 for PDEPE
pdex2 Example 2 for PDEPE
pdex3 Example 3 for PDEPE
pdex4 Example 4 for PDEPE
pdex5 Example 5 for PDEPE
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